Naval Science One Homepage

    NS-1 exercises will be added here during the school year, so keep checking back.

Section One

Unit One:  NJROTC Uniform Regulations
Practice Exercise

UnitTwo:  NJROTC Rates/Ranks and U.S. Navy Rates/Ranks

Practice Exercise      Navy Rates & Ranks      NJROTC Rates & Ranks      NJROTC Ranks Puzzle

Three:  Military Customs, Courtesies, Etiquette and Ceremonies

Practice Exercise

UnitFour:  Personnel Inspection

Practice Exercise

UnitFive:  Health Education

Practice Exercise

Word Search Puzzle #1

Word Search Puzzle #2

Word Search Puzzle #3

 UnitSix:  Physical Fitness and Exercise

Practice Exercise

UnitSeven:  Physical Fitness Exercises and Qualifying Minimums

Practice Exercise

UnitEight:  Introduction to First Aid

Practice Exercise

UnitNine:  Orienteering

Practice Exercise

UnitTen:  Survival

Practice Exercise

Appendix 1:  Chain of Command

Practice Exercise

Appendix 2:  Orders to the Sentry

Practice Exercise


Section Two:  NJROTC Drill Manual

Chapter One:  Introduction to Drill

Chapter Two:  Positions Sections I & II

Chapter Three:  Manual of Arms

Chapter Four:  Manual of the Sword

Chapter Five:  Guidon Manual

Chapter Six:  Color Guard

Chapter Seven:  Squad Drill

Chapter Eight:  Platoon Drill

Chapter Nine:  Company Drill

Appendix A:  Rifle Manual

NJROTC Introduction To The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Program

(Watch for new exercises in this section before the start of the 2009/2010 school year)

Unit I:  NJROTC and Your Future

Chapter 1:  Introduction to the NJROTC Program

Chapter 2:  Career Planning

Unit II:  Leadership Skills

Chapter 1:  Followership

Chapter 2:  Leadership

Chapter 3:  Motivation

Chapter 4:  Relationships

Chapter 5:  Attitudes and Emotions

Unit III:  Citizenship and Responsibility

Chapter 1:  Citizenship and Responsibility

Chapter 2:  Foundations of US Government

Chapter 3:  National Defense

Unit IV:  The US Navy

Chapter 1:  Navy Ships

Chapter 2:  Naval Aviation

Unit V:  Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid

Chapter 1:  Choosing the Right Exercise Program for You

Chapter 2:  Evaluating Your Physical Fitness

Chapter 3:  You Are What You Eat

Chapter 4:  Nutrition:  Nourishing Your Body

Chapter 5:  Dietary Guidelines

Chapter 6:  Controlling Fat

Chapter 7:  Taking Care of Yourself

Chapter 8:  Understanding and Controlling Stress

Chapter 9:  Drug Awareness

Chapter 10:  First Aid for Emergency and Nonemergency Situations

Unit VI:  Geography and Survival Skills

Chapter 1:  Geograhpy, Map Skills, and Environmental Awareness

Chapter 2:  Fundamentals of Survival